Sunday, March 25, 2007

Worldview Weekend Columnist on Hotel Porn

I have an amazing tolerance for the stupdity of religious fundamentalists, and am always on the lookout for new bullshit from that arena, so besides being on Focus on the Family's mailing list and the SermonAudio new list, I get daily emails from Worldview Weekend. Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains)and his sister Candace Cameron Bure (Full House) both post there, which is entertaining enough, but I was simply amazed at the stupidity shown in an email I got yesterday, entitled The Pornification of Our Culture.

After complaining about the pervasiveness of pornography in society (probably the only thing that radfems and social conservatives agree on), the author suggests that her readers use for their hotel booking, so they can send a message to the hotel industry that they don't want "smut" in their rooms. Which is fine, I suppose, although personally I'll be using the site to make sure that my hotel choice isn't on the list. Individuals have the right not to view pornography if they don't want to, and I'm generally a fan of letting businesses decide how they want to lure customers -- if people really are offended by the mere availability of pornography in their rooms, I think it's best for them to stay in hotels where it simply isn't available.

But this bit takes the cake:
Why should you care if you aren’t going to view the garbage? For one thing, pornography often proves highly addictive and contributes to many other problems that plague society, from divorce and domestic violence to prostitution and organized crime. In a paper presented to a special U.S. Senate subcommittee, Jill Manning, a social scientist and former visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, highlighted pornography’s many devastating harms, which are documented in a huge body of peer-reviewed research.

Another itsy-bitsy item to consider regarding sleaze-inns and whore-tels that peddle perversion: Do you really want to room next to a guy who’s just consumed hardcore sleaze? Do you want your wife or daughter walking by his door, or bumping into him in the elevator?

Ignore for a moment that reference to peer-reviewed research (the link to which I didn't include, but can be gotten at the original article), and read that last bit again. What exactly is the author thinking happens to men (and never forget that she is assuming that women would never, ever look at porn -- she's afraid of men looking at the naughty stuff) who have just viewed pornography? I'm getting this image of a hulking brute, desensitized to all urges except the base sexual need, throwing down the remote and wandering the halls of the hotel, zombie-like, in search of raw female flesh to use for his wanton sexual lusts....

No, ma'am, the truth is that the guy who just viewed pornography has probably just masturbated once or twice, and is probably satiated at least for the moment. In other words less likely to be sexually interested in your wife or daughter, even if he were so inclined in the first place. And even if he didn't jerk off, sometimes a bit of sexual entertainment is just that -- entertainment. If the guy had just watched Rambo would you think he'd be wearing a red headband and shooting people with a machine gun?

If the image of a freshly pornofied person interacting with you is scary, let me give you the genesis of your next nightmare: plenty of days I'll view a bit of pornography and masturbate before taking my shower and going to work in the morning. So the mild-mannered guy shelving the books in your local bookstore, who may even be interacting with small children might be a crazed lunatic who has recently viewed nekkid people doin' the nasty. There's evil lurking in every corner, there is....

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