Monday, February 26, 2007


Greetings. This is my new blog, which will hopefully be more-often updated and higher traffic than the old blog. There is a dearth of sources online for real-life experiences of the long-term retail employee, so my purpose here is to provide a bit of perspective for those of you who have never spent a great deal of time wearing a vest, apron, or short-range radio.

About me: I'm twenty-six, living in the Heart of Dixie, and currently working as a magazine specialist in a major bookstore chain. Before that, I spent nearly seven years at an office supply store, in a variety of positions from electronics sales to overnight stocking supervisor to print center supervisor. My hope is to give regular updates about my daily life at the store (when it's not too dull, anyway), as well as old funny stories that happened to me or others in the retail biz that bear repeating. I'll also be chatting about my life in general, and doing book reviews and chatting about politics and scientific/college issues whenever something like that comes up and I have the expertise to mention it.

So it'll be fairly wide-ranging.

Hope to do more tomorrow.

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